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Did you know that some normal — even harmless everyday activities — could hurt your chances of buying your dream home?  You want to avoid any slip-ups that might make your lender think twice about processing your mortgage loan. 

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Buying a home in the Queens, NY market requires an understanding of not only the seasonal shifts in market activity but also the weekly flow of the market. You’ll need to understand that there are two cycles – both a yearly one and weekly one when looking at homes. And you’ll need to be prepared and know what to expect for each one. 

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I am excited to bring you this series — My Dirty Little Secrets for Buying a Home – featuring little-known tips and strategies that you can’t get anywhere else.   

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Striking one family detached home with solar energy offers quintessential Long Island indoor/outdoor living, just steps from beautiful Venetian Shores Beach, playground & splash park!

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Everything you want to know about buying a coop in Queens, NYC: The Complete Buyers Guide for buying a Coop in Queens, New York. Best New York Real estate agent. All you need to know about buying a coop in Queens, New York (NYC), USA: The process of buying co-op in Queens.
What are co-op maintenance fees?
The advantages of buying a co-op apartment (affordability)
Financially stable is a must.

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Are you confused about renting vs buying a home? Well, this decision depends on your personal and financial situation along with the market trends and economic situation. In other words, the answer to your renting vs buying problem is that ‘it depends’.

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Everything you need to know about moving to Queens. Making a big move can be a challenge, having information regarding the real estate, schools, and vibe can help.

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Hi, I’m Amanda Rivera. I'm a real estate agent helping people in Queens and Long Island buy and sell their first homes. Let me show you how!

Most first time homebuyers aren't aware of the down payment assistance programs are available but only for the purchase of your first home. I want to help you ensure you are truly making the best first real estate investment for your personal and financial goals.

Also, most first time home sellers leave lots of money on the table when they sell their first property. I don't want this to happen to you, I want to help you protect your investment.

If you are thinking about buying or selling your first home let's talk through your financial situation and goals, and find out together what's possible for you. 
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