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Spring Cleaning Must Do’s Inside and Out Both the inside and outside of your home could use a good once-over to make it look its best and keep it well-maintained. And that’s why “spring cleaning” and other seasonal prep work should be at the top of your to-do list for the weeks ahead. You want […]

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So, let’s have a look. 6 Tips for selling your home on your own:
How to sell your house on your own?
Determine the market value of the house.
What are CMA and Appraisal?
Do marketing and advertising.
Negotiate the prices.
Get your house show ready.

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Here are the essential improvements/maintenance work, which can be done in January. The best improvements and maintenance you can do in January are:
Air Filters Replacement.
Clean and Organized Pantry.

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All the details of open house sales, how it works, and good marketing practices. Want to master an open house sale?

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Best ways to stay active and entertained living in New York City in the winter.

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Hi, I’m Amanda Rivera. I'm a real estate agent helping people in Queens and Long Island buy and sell their first homes. Let me show you how!

Most first time homebuyers aren't aware of the down payment assistance programs are available but only for the purchase of your first home. I want to help you ensure you are truly making the best first real estate investment for your personal and financial goals.

Also, most first time home sellers leave lots of money on the table when they sell their first property. I don't want this to happen to you, I want to help you protect your investment.

If you are thinking about buying or selling your first home let's talk through your financial situation and goals, and find out together what's possible for you. 
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