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Buy low, sell high. That’s economics 101, so, then, how is it possible for a seller to lose money in the hottest seller’s market in history? Because they are skipping steps. I see SO many sellers leaving money on the table and I don’t want that to be you or anyone you know. Most people don’t realize there is much more to selling a home than taking a few photos and throwing it on the MLS, especially if you want the very most for it, even in and ESPECIALLY in this hot sellers market.

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save energy at home and make home ownership more affordable

8 Ways to Save Energy At Home I’ve been thinking a lot about how we can make our homes more “green” and how that translates to making home ownership more affordable. We’ve all come a long way since Earth Day started back in 1970, whether it’s being better about recycling at home or seeking out […]

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should you have flood insurance?

Why Even Your Home May Need Flood Insurance Don’t make flood insurance an afterthought! Even if you don’t live near the water or your home is not on a floodplain, you could be making a costly mistake if you don’t have the correct coverage. Most standard homeowner’s insurance policies don’t include flood protection, but a […]

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5 Reasons Spring Is Best for Selling Your Home Selling your home in the spring is usually best for most homeowners.  The time of year isn’t just blooming with flowers but also buyers! Starting in March and going through June, the real estate market is in full force throughout Queens and Long Island. Just about […]

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Write-Offs For Homeowners Uncle Sam Wishes You’d Forget As a homeowner, you can benefit from tax breaks that can shave thousands of dollars off from your IRS bill each year, which could mean a higher refund check.  Since it’s that time of year we are all gathering our documents and working on getting out taxes […]

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The Major Mistake Many Home Buyers Are Making Right Now (Spring 2022) Homebuyers seem to be in a rush right now. Interest rates had been rising for the past few months. They just increased a lot recently. Because of this, I’m noticing a lot of panic buying in order to “beat the rates” before they […]

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Spring Cleaning Must Do’s Inside and Out Both the inside and outside of your home could use a good once-over to make it look its best and keep it well-maintained. And that’s why “spring cleaning” and other seasonal prep work should be at the top of your to-do list for the weeks ahead. You want […]

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The Bayshore Home You’ve Been Waiting For! 1035 Thompson Drive Bay Shore, NY 11706 Meticulously renovated split level home in desirable location! 4 bedroom 2 bathroom Beautifully landscaped yard with a fabulous in-ground pool. Beautiful manicured lawn Open entry way Fabulously renovated kitchen, lots of natural light Newly finished wood flooring View from the master […]

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Rent or buy? Deciding Which is Right for You The decision to rent or buy a property can sometimes be a difficult one. There isn’t just one correct choice it is a dynamic decision that is informed by where you are at this specific moment in your life. The right answer today can be completely […]

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Don’t Press Your Luck – Avoid These 6 Mistakes When Buying Your First Home It’s both exciting and a little scary to buy your first home. That feeling of nervousness and not knowing what to expect is normal!  But, what you don’t want to rely on during this process is luck or chance. Everyone wants […]

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