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Hi, I’m Amanda Rivera. I'm a real estate agent helping first time homebuyers and first time sellers in Queens and Long Island navigate their real estate journeys. Let me show you how!

Most first time homebuyers aren't aware of the downpayment assistance programs available only for the purchase of your first home. Also, most first time home sellers leave lots of money on the table when they sell their first property. I don't want this to happen to you, I want to help you protect your investment.  

If you are thinking about buying or selling your first home let's talk through your financial situation and goals, and find out together what's possible for you. 

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Amanda Rivera, Real Estate Agent First Time Homebuyer and First Time Seller Expert. 

Real estate agent at East Riding Realty helping first time home buyers and first time home owners in Queens and Long Island. After years in the medical field I became a real estate agent because I loved the experience of searching for my first home. Although searching was fun the rest of the process was stressful my goal is to to help clients through this process and make it less stressful. 

Don't Let That Happen To You!

Most first time buyers qualify for some type of home buyer program that makes their first home purchase more affordable. The problem is, most people including real estate agents don't know about these programs. Because I want your real estate investment to help you build wealth I want to help you take advantage of the programs you are eligible for. You see, you only qualify these programs as a first time buyer. Let's see what you qualify for. Everyone's financial situation is different, it all depends on your income and goals. 

Here's How

For example did you know that NYC has a program that offers first time buyers up to $100,000 in downpayment assistance if they qualify?

Did you know that there is a Grant program for NYC homeowners that will give you 60% of rehab costs for home improvement projects up to $10,000?  Making owning your first home much more comfortable and affordable. 

Let's see what you qualify for and how we can make your first home more affordable as well. 

What my clients say about me

“I didnt' think I could afford to buy a home, but I did it!

Amanda showed me how I could qualify for two first time home buyer programs that made owning a home less expensive than renting.  I never thought I could afford to buy a home in the neighborhood I wanted to live, but Amanda showed me how.”


Don't Go To Any Open Houses Until You Do This!

Let Me Show You How You Can Do This Too!

I tell all my first time home buyer clients, I want to meet with them a year before they are ready to start looking at homes because we need to spend some time applying for these programs, making sure they are a good fit for you and your short and long term life and financial goals. This way when you are ready to start looking for houses you know exactly what programs you will use and how they can make your ideal home more affordable. Maybe even cheaper than renting. Don't be shy, schedule your free initial consultation below. I'd love to meet with you to talk through your specific situation to see what's possible for you. 

We take an out of the box approach to buying a home. We have a system for making sure your budget, location, and the house itself is the best possible choice. 
Don't start looking at open houses, learn more about what you should be doing instead in my article My Dirty Little Secrets for Buying a Home  

Then We Make Sure You Become The Best Homeowner Possible

I don't want to just sell you a home and never talk to you again or move on to the next client. I want to make sure you have all the tools you need to take care of the biggest investment of your life. Each and every week you will receive information about how to maintain, weather it's the right time to refinance, how to get money to renovate your home and everything in between. Once a client always a client we want to make sure you aren't overwhelmed after moving in. 

Say goodbye to overwhelm and hello to your very own home

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